Our goal is to provide personal attention to every business we serve. DFW City Vending is a premier vending provider committed to superior customer care and quality assurance, and yes, we are truly local! We believe in building and nurturing a personalized connection with each client. We are dedicated to offering a wide range of options to hardworking teams in Dallas-Fort Worth. Let us know your desire, and we will craft a customized vending menu offering tailored to your exact specifications. Whether your needs include healthy fresh-eat options or the more traditional snack choices; we can provide WHAT you need WHEN you need it.

No cost to you!
Vending Machines are a popular option in the workplace break room. For most businesses, food can be a point of improvement.  Let us take care of all vending needs! There is no charge to the business owner for vending machine placement at your location. 

Step 1

Ready to get started?


Give us a call at 817-401-4113

Step 2

We will go over your vending machine services and product needs.

Based on your vending machine needs, we will go over your options.

No worries we do the stocking for you.

Step 3

We will come to your location to install and maintain the equipment.

It's just that simple, and we can have your business set up and running with vending machines installed in no time!